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Margherita Missoni

Margherita Missoni talks about her new projects to give a new identity to her family's business, utilizing unused fabrics.

The aim is to bring the past back to life by recovering and reimagining prints and yarns that have remained stored away for years, and launching a new project based on pre-existing materials.

The challenge is how to make fabrics, prints, and colors of yesteryear, exciting for today's women. Five collections later, the Missoni company is more than happy with the results, which are promising for the future.


In a nutshell, this is the project launched by the Missoni's granddaughter.

New challenges and an uncertain future to explore, put the new generations of the most prestigious fashion houses to the test...

It's a big dilemma, and it makes some of them rework and reclaim the good taste of the past, in order to promote it again in the future.

At EPOCA, you can find some iconic models that have made the history of many high-fashion houses... Without forgetting the quality of fine wools and silk fabrics that today are hard find even as raw materials.

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