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Ms. Silvia Venturini FENDI claims that fashion and the nature of consumption are changing rapidly, “We will consume less, and opt for quality”. She also points out how small artisan businesses need help and support.


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Our shopkeepers need help, too... Buying a handmade piece of clothing from a small shop helps the economy, and keeps it in business. In these dark months, we have all felt a sense of dismay when wandering through bleak streets lined with empty shopfronts gone out of business.

This is something we do not want!!!

Let's buy from these small stores, let's appreciate the friendliness and expert advice guiding us to make the best possible purchase for our taste and needs.

When this is not feasible in person, our shop owners are even resorting to technology.
EPOCA is available for ONLINE purchases

We provide photos and detailed descriptions of the garments we offer, and we are always available for any further information the buyer may need.

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